San Manuel, Pangasinan

Tourist Attractions

San Manuel has the following attractions and interesting places to visit:

San Roque Power Corporation

The second largest dam in Asia. It is Asia’s tallest dam and largest private hydropower project, costing US$1.19 billion and generating 345 MW of power.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines

(NGCP) electrified from San Manuel from Nagsaag Extra-High Voltage(EHV) substation down to Asuncion Street. as per Chief Administrative Officer Anthony L. Almeda and San Manuel Mayor Alain Jerico S. Perez MOA. San Manuel, Pangasinan hosts NGCP’s District 3 Office, the San Manuel Substation, and the Extra High Voltage Station and transmission lines.


Orallo Resort

Water Park Resort

A & E Spring Resort

Sagpat Spring Resort

Villa Felisa Resort

Jofel Resort